Def: a source of enjoyment, amusement, pleasure, gaiety, or merriment

On a scale of 1-10, how much fun do you have each day?  week?  month?

Do you even remember what fun is? Let alone how to have it?

Yes?  Good!  Do more of it.  Or, add something you’ve always wanted to do.  Find something from your bucket list.

No?  Completely understandable.  Don’t fret.  It may well be that what was once fun is not longer.  Nor, perhaps, do you have the same friends to do fun things with.  It’s all changed.  Re-oriented to the you who is you.  Start with something amusing. It can be singing to favorite songs when no one’s around, or even dancing, too. It can be watching funny videos on youtube. I *will* be posting my favorite cat fails vids. Did you know that the most frequently watched video are of cats? That totally blew me away…and cracked me up!

I’ve really had to take a good look at what constitutes fun for me these days. Play along? Would love to hear what you do for fun.

It’s no longer for kids. This is serious. Don’t you love it? It’s really come down to being one of the very best things we can do to heal…ourselves and the planet. Love this quote from the 80s movie, Arthur: Isn’t fun the best thing to have?



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