Definition: the basis or groundwork of anything

How’s yours?

a) a crumbled pile of rubble; rug pulled out from under me completely; which end is up, again?

b) shaken badly, but the basics remain to rebuild from; lots of debris clearing to do

c) rattled, but still standing; outer world remains steady; inner realm is where the work is

d) what foundation…I’m supposed to have a foundation? Nah…prefer the clouds

Wherever you are, I know you’re feeling it, too. Time to build, or rebuild, a consciously, wide awake, intentionally solid new foundation.

Where we begin is up to us. For some, it will be the biggest, the hardest, the most seemingly insurmountable obstacle we’ve been facing, holding us back from reconnecting with our heart core. For others, it will be something no less significant, but more quickly doable…gaining momentum, gathering steam along the way to tackling the bigger boulders. This is about you, baby. You and your soul sovereignty listening to the only voice that matters: your own.

The important thing here is to be mindful of what each step adds up to…a renewed you, closer and closer to your original intention for this lifetime.

I’d love to hear how you’re rebuilding. How your progress is going. Any words of wisdom to share, even potholes to avoid! We’ve got a massive awakening happen. The more we share, the easier time those who come after us will have. It doesn’t have to be the face plant I took.

So, here, in this section, I’ll be writing on rebuilding and stabilizing after stumbling (pushed? ;-)) down the next rabbit hole or 'growth opportunity'!

A solid foundation gives us wings to fly, my friends. And, doesn’t that sound fun (finally)?




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