Definition: (noun) a central point, as of attraction, attention, or activity; and,
(verb) to direct one’s attention or efforts

Some of us have it.  And some of us don’t.  Some have it sometimes.  Others rarely do.

If you have it all the time, make sure you relax and smell the roses.  If you don’t, come back often as I’ll be writing on what I’m doing to keep myself on track.

And, mind you, this isn’t more of the same old…that time has gone.  Remember, the point here is to rebuild and I’m guessing you’re like me, you’d rather get there sooner than later.  Decide whether you’d like to take the scenic route, which is completely up to you on your individual path, or if you’d like to travel the most direct route because it’s just time, already.

We all know that we’re working with programming and toxins that are captializing on our distractibility.  And, it’s not like we don’t focus…for hours, oftentimes, as we gobble the latest news, interviews, and blog posts, trying to just get a handle on what all’s happening on all these levels.  We simply need some balance, and some up-to-speed tools for making the most of our time, such as it is.

Get this:  after writing this, went for an errand, and what do you know…was cut off by a Ford Focus.  I’m getting the message!  You?



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