Def: feminine — having qualities traditionally ascribed to women
masculine — having qualities traditionally ascribed to men

But what are those qualities? Traditionally ascribed. Meek and mild? Strong and powerful? Outdated.

In the autumn of 2016, having experienced a breakthrough, I suddenly realized that I couldn’t easily ascribe any qualities to natural organic femininity and natural organic masculinity. I really wanted to understand, to reconnect with the essence of each. Of course, there are many who have written on it, and I simply need to discover (or rather, uncover) it for myself, to anchor it in.

In the early 2000’s, I came upon a native shaman in Arizona. His wisdom teaches that our essence is part feminine aspect and part masculine aspect. I think we’re all pretty agreed upon that. What he said next I’d not heard before and found much resonance with it. He said that the physical vessel we are born into carries it’s own gender essence so that as women we are expressing as 2/3 feminine and 1/3 masculine with the reverse being true for men who are expressing as 2/3 masculine and 1/3 feminine. This feels good to me. I’ve always struggled to be half and half. I’m not. Healing the imbalance isn’t as daunting.  Of course, this is one perspective, and I did grow up a tomboy.  Point being, we all carry these energies, and it is the comfortable balance that brings us into our fullest expression.

Living High Fidelity in relationship with the elevated (and mundane) aspects of feminine and masculine asks us to simply be clear about what it means, how it looks expressed, and how to embody these qualities within healing.

I’ve read much and come upon some serious paradigm shifting wisdom I can’t wait to share with you!

For now, just consider what it means to you embracing your feminine and masculine aspects.  Deep breath.




photo thanks to unsplash.com

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