Definition: an affective state of consciousness, such as that resulting from emotions, sentiments, or desires

Majestic.  Beautiful.  Varied.  Feelings are our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.  Who ever attended Mastering Your Feelings class in school?  Bueller?  Bueller?  Anyone?

Where shall we begin?

Perhaps it’s good to refresh the difference between feelings and emotions.  Mostly we use the two interchangeably, but while they’re obviously related, we haven’t even been taught how to easily distinguish between them.  Why?  Because feelings and emotions are organic, not belonging to the artificial realm.

In ever so brief terms, emotions are e (= energy in) motion.  We react or respond to an outer occurrance with emotion.  What we feel is tied inwardly to our world view and beliefs.

Our feelings are manipulated growing up, and thus we are programmed.  It’s a much bigger game than just numbing us into compliance.  Feelings are our magic wand.  When we imbue a desire with the certitude of feeling behind it, resonance is so strong it cannot help but manifest.  Trouble is, we’re quite wobbly with our feelings.

Let’s shift that, shall we?  Reclaim our feelings as our own, free of manipulation.  And, back into our own hands to wield as we decide for ourselves.  Lots more to say on this.  Can’t wait to dive in!



photo credit Creative Commons 2.0

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