FASHION (for all)!

Definition:  style of dressing

No.  Not like magazines and runways and photoshopped and cropped über beauties.

Real, is what I’m talking about…what brings out you.  Guys, gals, kids.  This isn’t all or none, and it’s tossing the one-size-fits-all…because we know it doesn’t.  Marketing lie 101.

I want to introduce you to a woman (who doesn’t know me…yet) who, through her own self reclamation and evolution, pieced together existing elements and created her own avenue to authenticity. Utilizing the 4 Temperaments and aligning them with previous fashion sense systems, like the seasons, something new emerged. Her name is Carol Tuttle and her method is called Dressing Your Truth.

Each of the 4 Temperament types has a fundamental “movement” in nature. The first corresponds to the Sanguine, and the element of air. The second corresponds to the Phlegmatic, and the element of water. The third corresponds to the Choleric, and the element of fire. And, the fourth corresponds to the Melancholic, and the element of earth. Imagine how each element naturally moves. Imagine wearing clothes that move in a similar way, in sync with you.

Wearing clothes that flow with our natural expression can be a revelation. I’m going to stop here and invite you to click on these before and after pictures: both men and women for fun.  They may not be any style you would like, but look at the eyes of these everyday people.  Definitely more vibrant!

And then I invite you to imagine what it’s like to wear clothes that don’t wear you.  There are so many awesome, and free, resources both on her website and great youtube videos to check out to open your perception of what it is to pull your inner self out.

Past that, imagine for our children what it will mean for them to wear what expresses them best. Can you feel the harmony descending?



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